Ozone: Short-term reactions that have been reported include but are not limited to bruising, pain from ozone infiltration into the tissue rather than the blood vessel, headaches, stomach and internal distress, blood clots, embolism, infection and local phlebitis.

Positive effects of ozone therapy that have been reported includes:

  • Hair and nail grows stronger, longer, healthier and faster
  • Skin takes on a healthy a look and helps all source of skin problem therefore there should be no rash associated with the treatment
  • You may fall asleep easier, sleep better and needs less sleep
  • More energy, stamina and endurance
  • Acts as a pain killer and an anti-inflammatory
  • Improve circulation by making the red blood cells rounder and flow easier
  • Cleanse and detoxify as well as boost your immune system
  • Stimulates the body to make an abundance amount of natural stem cell and repairs the unrepairable

So why is it not an FDA standard approved procedure United States?  I will leave that question to be answered elsewhere.  Oxygen zone injection therapy has been a standard and effective medical intervention in Europe for decades.

It's amazing when patients consistently tell me how effective the treatment with ozone therapy has been for the chronic painful conditions.  Patient's from staff members to personal friends has been successfully treated.  This is after treating patient for many years with conventional epidural steroid injections and other treatment modalities.  Although it is not as effective after back surgery, it can still in some cases provide some benefit.  Some patients were completely pain-free after ozone treatments.  This is not to say that every patient will receive the same result.  Our patients experience dramatic improvements with ozone injections and some completely recover from pain conditions. The ozone injection therapy is also a holistic approach since it increases circulation and reduces the inflammation by activating body’s natural healing mechanism. Ozone injection therapy enables the patient’s immune system to function at a higher level. As a result, Ozone injection therapy enables a patient’s body to heal naturally, with long lasting results.

Photo 3
​After 38 DIV Ozone Treatments

​Before DIV Ozone Therapy


Photo 2
​After 27 DIV Ozone Treatments