So why is it not a and FDA standard approved procedure United States?  I will leave that question to be answered elsewhere.  Oxygen zone injection therapy has been a standard and effective medical intervention in Europe for decades.

It's amazing when patients consistently tell me how effective the treatment with ozone therapy has been for the chronic painful conditions.  Patient's from staff members to personal friends has been successfully treated.  This is after treating patient for many years with conventional epidural steroid injections and other treatment modalities.  Although it is not as effective after back surgery, it can still in some cases provide some benefit.  Some patients were completely pain-free after ozone treatments.  This is not to say that every patient will receive the same result.  Our patients experience dramatic improvements with ozone injections and some completely recover from pain conditions. The ozone injection therapy is also a holistic approach since it increases circulation and reduces the inflammation by activating body’s natural healing mechanism. Ozone injection therapy enables the patient’s immune system to function at a higher level. As a result, Ozone injection therapy enables a patient’s body to heal naturally, with long lasting results.

​“A few months back I tweaked my back was having severe stabbing pain in my lower back that was debilitating. My PT/Chiro ordered an MRI that revealed numerous issues with my L1-L5. He consulted with a surgeon who recommended for me to see a pain management physician. Chiro has worked with Dr. Williams for a number of years and highly recommended him. We had an initial consult with Dr. Williams and he patiently spent time explaining his options and procedures. We decided to go with his recommendation of O3+Stem cell. I was a bit dubious, but had to do something to relive the pain. First attempt almost immediately got rid of the pain, with the exception of some soreness. A few days later PT inadvertently tweaked the back again and it was excruciating. Dr. Williams promptly brought me in for a quick follow-up. Amazingly I have been basically pain free. After a few days I've was completely off pain meds/anti-inflammatories. The relief is huge. I quickly went from dubious to full convert.”  (Actual patient)

Photo 3
​After 38 DIV Ozone Treatments

​Before DIV Ozone Therapy


Photo 2
​After 27 DIV Ozone Treatments